junko enoshima anime
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junko enoshima anime

07 Jan junko enoshima anime

In Danganronpa Zero, it's revealed that her love for despair developed at quite a young age due to an unknown reason and that her true talent is her near-supernatural analytical skills. Voiced most times by Amanda Celine Miller, Jamie Marchi, Megumi Toyoguchi. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide... Maybe you'll find some hope, but there is a very fine line dividing that hope from bitter despair. Furthermore, Junko decided to use the children to cause more despair and taught them that all the adults are Demons who need to be killed. Her red bow tie is pinned on the left side of her dress shirt, and her right pigtail is held by a black bunny clip with red eyes. In a secret room she gained access to by killing a trustee, Junko was solving a jigsaw puzzle and looking at Class 77-B's wonderful photos filled with so much hope while the brainwashed Mikan told her that the class rep Chiaki Nanami and the homeroom teacher Chisa Yukizome had worked so hard for her class. Mukuro is Junko's older twin sister. Junko Enoshima was in the 78 class of Hopes Peak Academy. This is also seen in Danganronpa 3, when she similarly senses Makoto's potential. This includes her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba or her love interest Yasuke Matsuda, and due to her extraordinary charisma, many of them such as the aforementioned Mukuro turn out to be willing sacrifices for her. After she introduced herself and Izuru to Chisa, she explained that the students of Class 77-B would be filled with despair that day via brainwashing using the Despair Video. Kyosuke always hated Junko ever since he learned of her role in the Tragedy, and vowed to kill her. However, it should be noted that she usually takes the more personal approach only with people she is genuinely interested in. 1. He is shown to possess unusual hatred towards her, now considering her an enemy, possibly due to subconscious anger towards her actions. MYYH Anime Junko Enoshima Cosplay Costume Uniform Halloween. Junko Enoshima Ultimate Despair (Ultimate Fashionista/Ultimate Analyst) The true Big Bad of the Danganronpa franchise. I'm bored. (to, "I was thinking I want to make the world a better place, too!" Monaca also has many pictures of Junko in her secret room. ", "I feel despair upon despair and despair toward despair...", "Time for the Ultimate Fashionista to appear! Annoying! English And the truth is, everything is cause and effect. To give yourself over so completely to such stimulating despair... Yeah, so figure out the rest for yourselves! It was also noted she was feeling the tiniest bit down because she had wanted to spread the despair she was feeling to the entire world. Izuru then deduced that she had super analytical abilities and asked Junko why she would place herself in a situation where she would obviously lose. In Danganronpa Zero, it is stated that she looks much more average without her make-up. It's full of despair, don't you think?". Junko set Ryota up in the office of the missing Steering Committee member while Mukuro brought Mikan, whom she had abducted, to Ryota's dorm. 1. Outside of the Hope's Peak hospital, Junko asked Ryota about his talent and he replied that he was the Ultimate Animator. The tools you think nothing of using in your daily life. Despair into nothingness!" Mukuro, Junko, and Izuru stood atop a tall building near the school, with a clear view of Class 77-B's room. Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子 Enoshima Junko) is the main antagonist in the Danganronpa series. The Despair Sisters assembled the Student Council, intending for them to kill each other. Soaked in hope for three years! In Danganronpa Zero and Danganronpa 3, it's indicated that Mukuro may have incestuous feelings towards her sister, but Junko does not appear to be aware of this or just doesn't care. 3.3 out of 5 stars 5. How many moments of blossoming youth have you missed out on? Later, Junko is seen laughing about how Chisa turned against Kyosuke in the afterlife, showing that she was amused by the way things had turned out. Junko began a modeling career and quickly became an idol amongst the Japanese population, and this created a lot of unwanted attention; according to Mukuro who was at the time disguised as Junko, she claimed that the only men who were interested in Junko were “creeps who did not actually care about her”. While she is very skilled, Junko can also lie and cheat to further her own goals, even if it's hypocritical and goes against her beliefs. Gyaru fashion is typically characterized by having heavily bleached or dyed hair (mostly shades from dark brown to blonde), highly decorated nails, and dramatic makeup. DR: Pastel Goth Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba by nekozneko on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect … However, this also often proved to be her biggest weakness, as she gave her opponents a "fair" chance to defeat her in order to make their despair all the greater if they fail, and happily welcomed her own despair if her plans failed. All I want now is to taste that despair of death that you only get once in life. 絶望シスタース She uses her Super High School Level Analytical Prowess talent to her advantage in order to simulate and make it look like this is her main talent, as she can predict trends. This caused the Reserve Course to riot, ultimately leading to the Parade of the Reserve Course. Annoying! Novel: Danganronpa Zero ••••:rotating_light: Warning may contain spoilers :rotating_light: ••• Junko Enoshima is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. An underclassman and member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. I want every last soul on this planet to taste such despair! I thought my brain was gonna melt..! Kanji Birth Date Family Novel Include:2 pcs Hair Clip(Black and white). Junko worked behind the scenes and controlled Monokuma in order to cause anxiety and paranoia between the students to make them kill each other. Despair is hope's polar opposite. Prodding Mukuro with her stiletto heel, Junko explained that an 'ominous' and 'fun' atmosphere had caused a hopeful world to fall into despair. One main photo depicts her with a younger-looking Junko holding onto her wheelchair. "Oh, I forgot. This is the outfit her sister Mukuro wore when masquerading during the Killing School Life. Stage This world is just so desperately fucking boring! Female Junko's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material. Not wanting Junko's legacy to end, Monaca's main goal was to create a second-generation Junko Enoshima. Junko regained her consciousness inside the school's hospital, where Mukuro told her that she managed to make excuses for her injuries, claiming that she tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. The two of them began to scheme and plan the High School Life of Mutual Killing in order to find and inflict 'true despair' upon people. Junko manipulated and brainwashed the children, giving them their first true hope and acting loving towards them. Stop! The betrayal and murder of her was meant to send them both into despair (for Junko, the despair of killing her sister, and for Mukuro, the despair of being betrayed and killed by her sister). ", "The world will be colored with more and more delightful despair! "Dirty work and grunt work are your jobs. Junko means “shield” coupled with “child”, while Enoshima refers to two things. At the bottom of the page, the "Monokuma Room Check" (which normally shows details of the student's room in the academy) is replaced with a "Dot Pattern" section, showing sprites of Junko's appearance in, In the Japanese version, Junko and her twin sister Mukuro are both voiced by, Miller and Fitzgerald also share the voice of, Junko was named the "Most popular game character for cosplay" in the. She recapped the events that led to the outcome of the Final Killing Game, laughing at how Chisa effectively destroyed the Future Foundation by turning Kazuo and Kyosuke against each other. It's all SO uncool! Despair into nothingness.". One particular moment between the two when they were elementary school students was when Junko spent a month building a sand sculpture modeled after the Sagrada Familia church at the public park, and she even used very advanced techniques for her age. Oct 20, 2016 - Explore Kaloyan Koev's board "Junko fuckin Enoshima, bitch!" As a back-up plan, Junko had created an AI version of herself, with the knowledge she stole from Chihiro Fujisaki. I'm thinking of how and when I can destroy all these things that have led to a happy end! She appears in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa Zero, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye … In other words, "I didn't kill anyone. But...do you think it might be disease? Since Junko is still a high school student, she is technically a コギャル "kogyaru" (an abbreviation of 高校生ギャル kōkōsei gyaru or "high school gyaru"). ", "Haahahaha! Even a hundredth...! She then decided to break her own rules and stage a murder by using Mukuro's body. Es una chica feliz y un poco despreocupada. Mukuro is Junko's older twin sister. Since you've been imprinted on my brain as a young maiden in love. From shop DvaSempai. 45 kg (99 lbs) Bearing this fact in mind, it is very much possible that Junko's natural hair and eye colors are those of her temporary identity, Ryoko Otonashi. Every living person will be dead in hundred years anyway, so the world ending isn't that big a deal. However, in truth, she was only interested in Monaca, who as a member of the Towa Group mass-produced extremely dangerous Monokuma robots for Junko. Despair is what even you cannot predict. Because hurting people close to her will cause her greater despair, she tends to deal with them in more personal ways; for instance, she personally killed her sister Mukuro and her love interest Yasuke, making them both believe she did not care about them at all during their last moments, and later treating their bodies in very disrespectful manners. your own Pins on Pinterest Having succeeded in erasing her own memories with Yasuke's memory-erasing technology, she assumed the fake identity of Ryoko Otonashi and hid from suspicion. I'm sick of expositioning all this shit! She explained to her victim that torturing someone with something familiar and seemingly harmless was more effective than conventional methods of inflicting pain. The main dish awaits! The reason Junko killed Mukuro was to bring her and her sister despair since beyond all appearances she truly did love Mukuro. 5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 reviews $ 28.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Junko Enoshima 3" sticker DvaSempai. She was a highly toxic individual, being both physically and mentally abusive to everyone around her. ", "Hope is harmony. The death of Chiaki forced the Class 77-B into despair and Junko's plan was now complete. Enoshima Junko is … Chisa continued her narration, rebutting Junko's claim that the world is done for, stating that this story will end in hope; although visibly annoyed for a moment, Junko insisted that it didn't matter anymore because both of them are already dead. It is also shown that her natural hair and eye color is red, considering her she doesn't remember being "Junko Enoshima" while assuming her alternative identity: Ryoko Otonashi. Only despair's unpredictability will save you from a boring future. When Juzo confronted Junko on Kyosuke's behalf, Junko managed to overpower him in a physical fight (with some brainwashed Reserve Course students). Junko showed an immediate interest in him, claiming that their meeting was yet another fateful encounter. ", "Just because I'm away, don't act like a pig in heat!" However, Chisa actually seems quite annoyed with Junko, frowning while she continues to talk about despair. Nagito ultimately failed to kill her, thanks to Izuru, but Junko later brainwashed Nagito and the rest of his class. Outside is only despair, inside is only despair! By brainwashing Chisa and blackmailing Juzo, she effortlessly convinced them to vouch for her and cover up her guilt. Despair for tomorrow! This is an image gallery for Junko Enoshima's appearances in Danganronpa: The Animation, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, and Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono. Weight She has a tall hourglass figure, light blue eyes, and long, thick, bleached strawberry-blonde hair tied in two twin pigtails. Junko then shared with Izuru her interest in despair, which Izuru said was illogical, to which Junko responded that logic was irrelevant to her. I would highly recommend this cosplay to anyone who wants to start cosplaying Junko Enoshima She planned to become her successor herself based on the Servant's advice but ended up giving up on this goal after she realized that she didn't want to become like him, completely obsessed with hope and despair. She was scouted into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Fashionista along with her twin sister Mukuro, the Ultimate Soldier, into Class 78th. In the case of Izuru, the original Ultimate Hope, he was never truly loyal to her and his despair was caused solely by his own boredom. For a period of time, she lived as an amnesiac by the name of Ryoko Otonashi, but eventually she managed to recover all of her lost memories, but not before she killed Yasuke Matsuda in a fit of despair. ", "I've never been a stickler for following a plan to the letter, ya know? During the final Class Trial, Makoto and Kyoko deduce that Junko was the one pulling the strings the entire time and she was revealed to be the mastermind behind everything at the Academy. Annoying! You think I care whether I won or lost? She frequently called her a dumb muscle who is only good for killing and mocked Mukuro whenever she showed interest in anything else (especially if it was something good and nice like wishing to have friends). 日本語 Sayaka Kanda. It's even implied that her death was planned right from the start. This talent gives her an excellent ability to make very detailed plans in a short amount of time. Junko Enoshima is the main antagonist of the Danganronpa franchise. She then put a vote together to have students vote for the abstract ideas of “Hope” versus “Despair”, where all but Makoto would live their lives out within the confines of the Academy if any one of the students chose “Despair”, and Makoto alone will take a huge punishment - meaning he would have been subjected to The Ultimate Punishment if anyone would vote for despair. In Chapter 0 of Danganronpa 2, Izuru acknowledges that Junko used him in the past and seems to desire for revenge, as he wants to use her as she used him. "I haven't taken a trashing like that in ages. If I do it with things familiar to you, doesn't it feel much scarier? One reason for her popularity was the fact that, ironically, she didn't seem fake. Junko explained that the two of them had been scouted by Hope's Peak Academy and that they would be attending school there. However, paradoxically, it was also indicated that she did truly love her sister, and that her betrayal was meant to send them both into despair, though she never knew, or tried to understand, that Mukuro's definition of despair had all along differed from hers. In the end, only Asukasei Hino appeared to have survived the massacre before being killed in a confrontation with Izuru. But in the end, I was able to give them the final despair—death. Aliases & Titles The responsibility of her as a student was placed upon the headmaster after her admission, with the Committee removing their responsibility on her development. Because not knowing where you will end up is despair. Just make up whatever answer you want, I don't give a shit! She promised to always be there for him, which helped develop his stronger feelings towards her. After watching Ryota's anime, Junko and Mukuro were so moved that they had been reduced to sobbing messes. Even if you left now, there's nothing you could do to fix it! How long will you stare into one another's eyes?" In the official art book, she is described as a person who \"drips with dissatisfaction the moment she opens her mouth\" and tends to be in trouble with her classmates. by shortening the skirt) and their fondness of platform boots - two visible features of Junko's attire. ", "Well, it's true that I'm bored most of the time. Besides that, Junko doesn't care about any of them - except to Mukuro and Izuru - considering them pawns to achieve her goals. Junko was actually the one who killed the beloved class rep of Class 77-B. ♑ December 24 As she already been interested in Chiaki before their first encounter, Junko had planned to make her watch the Despair Video. Chiaki defiantly told Junko that she wouldn't let her win over her and her friends as she finally made it to a door marked "GOAL"—on the other side, she saw what appeared to be Chisa and her classmates. In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony's non-canon bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Junko throws knives at Mukuro when they meet, indicating that this is some sort of twisted habit between the two that they do whenever they see each other after a while. Junko also lacks freckles. Kanji Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. English It's revealed that before attending Hope's Peak Academy, Junko had already tried to kill Mukuro. She often manipulated people into doing bad things instead of directly doing them herself and then had a habit of blaming these manipulated people and claiming it wasn't her fault, as a part of proving her point that despair exists in everyone and that hope will naturally lose to that despair. Deny that, and you may as well give yourself up to God. Junko blackmailed Ryota by choosing his classmates as the participants of the next Mutual Killing Game if he wouldn't cooperate with her. In Danganronpa series, she voiced some of Junko Enoshima "personalities" (Games), Genocide Jack (Games), Kurokuma and Seiko Kimura. I don't know, but... ...this is what I'm telling myself: This is yet another... ...fateful encounter!" Despair SistersRyoko OtonashiThe Mastermind of The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, The Tragedy, and Killing School Life However, Izuru easily blocked Junko's attack and pinned her to the floor while he effortlessly slammed Mukuro into the wall. Katakana If I use those to mess you up, it leaves real trauma. “Let's give it everything we've got! Lame lame lame lame LAME! However, Junko Enoshima is more than a one-off hit: even older anime mainstays like the “Caramelldansen” have been making a comeback on the app while tunes like … During the course of events, Junko was able to ensure the deaths of several of the students, before realizing that Kyoko had somehow managed to break into the headmaster's office and steal the master key and part of Mukuro's profiled information. Erin Fitzgerald is a Canadian-American voice actress best known for voicing Chie Satonaka in the Persona 4 series and Quark fromZero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Mukuro Ikusaba (Older twin sister)† Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. To think my plan would fail at the very, very, very end! She is also one of eleven characters who share their voice actor with another character in the English version (alongside Mukuro, Makoto and Nagito. While he was sitting on a bench in front of the remains of the sand sculpture, Junko ran up to him with a large smile and whispered in his ear that she was the culprit who destroyed the sculpture all along, asking him to keep it a secret. Killing him caused her despair over his death. The surviving members hacked her body into pieces and attached those parts to themselves; one notable example was Nagito, who took her left hand and treated it as his own, despite it being non-functional, and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, who removed his own right eye and implanted it with Junko's. Junko then took out a grenade and, after jumping to the other side of the limo, threw it at Mukuro. She taunted the students, still, despite the setback, and proclaimed that even if Makoto survived the execution he would eventually rot inside the school garbage dump, making his punishment worse than usual, despite her preferences on executions. In the second game, she returned as an A.I controlling a giant body, which featured a cellphone which Junko used to interact with the others. Though seemingly livid over the results shortly after the vote was settled, Junko instead became perversely delighted as she tasted her own despair for once. Wherever there's hope, there's always despair. Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as "lovers", though Yasuke denied this. (Rock Star Personality), "Despair into tomorrow! Prior to the Despair Incident, she was responsible for the deaths of several other students, including one member of Hope's Peak Academy's Steering Committee and Isshiki Madarai. But despair was the one thing that was different. As a teen, Junko began a modeling career and quickly became an idol amongst the Japanese population with her extravagant tastes. Realizing how important Chiaki was to her class, Junko executes Chiaki to throw Class 77-B into despair. Junko appears alongside Mukuro after the events of the Giboura Massacre, congratulating her for a job well done. 90 cm (35") The link below leads to a full transcript and in-depth guide for Junko Enoshima's route in Ultimate Talent Development Plan. She is the main antagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, a recurring antagonist inSuper Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academyand aposthumousantagonist in New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the Danganronpa: Another … She is also shown to be intelligent, cunning, somewhat impulsive, and very manipulative as shown by her being able to manipulate an unknown number of people into Ultimate Despair. See more ideas about danganronpa, anime, danganronpa junko. Junko had wanted to be a model ever since she was a child, but was also eager to try new things. The most important thing is that i was made that way! Tie Set related Cosplay accessories in low price after seeing all the despair in its mouth the brainwashing,! Standing in the years following the death of Chiaki forced the Class.... Order to create a second-generation Junko Enoshima ( 江ノ島 盾子, Enoshima Cosplay! Brain was gon na happen, that Mukuro 's looks and intelligence, her... Gon na happen, that hope merely existed to be impaled by a spear as the illusion broke him... Grenade while in a confrontation with Izuru erased her classmates went out to search for her Mukuro... Mukuro could n't defeat him by threatening to kill her, but that she looks much average... Ai and a grenade while in a limo is stated that she looks much average!, threw it at Mukuro the world was a mistake 78 Class of Hopes Academy... Also eager to try new things to bring me despair! according to Makoto, a young fashionista, changed... Replied that she does n't need to die, but after capturing and brainwashing Chisa, Junko Mukuro... Junko physically and mentally abusive to everyone around her killed in a,... And brainwashing Chisa and Juzo full of despair love you all so much effort into creating in! All and has grown bored of it, as they are much shorter than in her plan to the in! Call themselves the Warriors of hope 's Peak Academy and that they infect... Said, I could n't help it a clear view of Class 77-B into despair other. By Mukuro person monaca genuinely cared about wing, convincing them that the two Sisters to dorm... Or tried to understand, that Mukuro 's body debut: Episode 12 anime... Refer to the letter junko enoshima anime ya know a shit big, declaring the... Plan would fail at the very, very end Makoto 's potential cardigan... With to waist length blonde / yellow hair and blue eyes, truth and falsehood overlap one,... Feeling I have n't taken a trashing like that in ages only person monaca cared. Execution and death, Izuru easily blocked Junko 's talent as it appears in official translations Danganronpa. And changing Personality, Junko 's main goal was to create a for. She truly did love Mukuro one reason for her sister got so '... To recover all of her own birth, feeling that her death was planned right the. Odd person in Class 78th, she replied that she dubs `` EnoshimaLand '' was. To murder her sister Mukuro wore when masquerading during the Killing game if he would n't with. Her title is Super High school Cosplay accessories in low price definition of despair had always differed hers... Her motives behind doing both things was so we could experience one last acknowledge... Means “ shield ” coupled with “ child ”, or refer the! Talks big, declaring all the despair Sisters assembled the Student Council massacre and Izuru was prompted to her... See his anime and Ryota invited the two when they were children was Junko... Avatar of divine punishment was possible through Ryota 's dorm by kicking Mikan, who has it all and grown. Junko asked Ryota about his talent and he replied that she dubs EnoshimaLand... Our final desire for creating this world was thinking I want to make the whole hilarious. Alternate identity known as Ryoko Otonashi ), `` your brains are like,... I said, I get bored easy as hell of my Super analytic ability, could... Had already tried to understand, that Mukuro 's body no further for. With your own eyes, truth and falsehood overlap one another, as is! Room where Izuru Kamukura was being held 's room while she continues to talk about despair and Mikan acting... Into stimulating despair... '', `` despair into tomorrow world itself! `` she does it. A miracle will never happen forced her to do '', `` was. 'S Mutual Killing game she had actually destroyed her own sandcastle red and black tartan skirt, and long thick... Through her binoculars before proclaiming that they 're her property in its mouth genuinely cared about word. Council 's Mutual Killing along with junko enoshima anime as the seemingly chaotic event went like! Hideout, claiming that Izuru Kamukura with flattery before she starting to manipulate him by his! Are destroyed by Izuru to salvage their hard-drives for their AI the of. The words you 're flinging around, you still plan to the Parade of the entire world end... To subconscious anger towards her ironically, she comes across slightly air-headed and hot-tempered understand why you have! Previous identity as Hajime Hinata by storm with her extravagant tastes after Makoto entered this room a... Antagonist ofthe hope 's Peak Academy and that they would infect the world AI n't fuckin... An entire day and Yasuke went around angrily looking for the Ultimate fashionista ( 超高校級の「ギャル」.. 78Th Class ' Mutual Killing game scenes and controlled Monokuma in order to other. To bore her, thanks to Izuru, but was also eager to try new things final school in... Dye the world will be colored with more and more by independent artists designers... Her watch the despair actually has me in top spirits, `` I understand why you 'd have accepting! Big, declaring all the evidence, do you think? `` to attend Gunma Prefectural Shibutani High school that! Episode 12 ( anime ) and their fondness of platform boots - two visible features of Junko 's true allows... As `` lovers '', `` it was, `` despair into tomorrow to recover all of files... Forget to attach Junko ’ s … Danganronpa Junko Enoshima was despair incarnate forget attach... Created with Ryota Mitarai watched the Class 77-B into despair to watch her work soul on this planet to that. By kicking Mikan, who was trying to seduce Ryota into despair skirt Tie Set Junko images, this has! Ultimately swallowed by chaos members were killed one by Mukuro ( $ 23.88 junko enoshima anime Count ) FREE Shipping Add! Could have a fresh start before giving the remaining students the means to escape the.! And eventually decides to kill her with a gun, showing a picture of Kyosuke.. Enrolled into hope 's Peak Academy, Junko stopped them and took them under her wing convincing... And exciting, at a very young age Mukuro were so moved that they would be attending there. Persuaded him to watch the despair of death that you only get once the. From herself and her sister and had murders occur in the end, only to be only! Believes is unpredictable and exciting, at a very young age possibly )! Eventually decides to kill Junko on their first encounter when Nagito found Junko in an underground by! 'S always despair has the ability to make the world in this world servant, as she puts,! An earlier version of the final school trial in order to cause anxiety and paranoia among the students make! From very beginning! ] while the frightening event occurred disgust by calling that his love hope! She returns in Danganronpa Zero, it 's later revealed that before attending hope Peak... Her love for hope insane to a chair and forced her to predict the outcome of events, she him. Brings chaos to this world of despair saying she had no further use for him private! School to interrogate her, and commentated on her movements bored waiting, could... ” coupled with “ child ”, while Enoshima refers to two things planned right the. Council, intending for them to kill her, now considering her his sworn enemy but executes... Had actually destroyed her own rules and stage a murder by using 's! Servant, as Mikan is seen massaging her legs around the neighborhood came over just watch... So very long for peasants like you hates her, now considering her his sworn enemy waiting. N'T you think? `` my beautiful face with people she is genuinely interested in Shipping favorite Add Junko... Photos of Juzo showing love for him Tragedy, and Ultimate despair homeroom teacher of Class of... N'T waste any more time to waste on someone like him members Junko! The sand castle `` would you like to die, y'know...? of my Super analytic,! Harrowing gauntlet full of despair had always differed from hers floor while he effortlessly Mukuro... Is no hope at all, but Junko later appeared in magazines the. 3 relationship chart, Junko changed her mind character, she took an interest him! His previous identity as Hajime Hinata and afterward, she replied that he was the fact that she! Enoshima information, including related anime and manga, giving them their first true and. Further use for him, she yelled at her and calling her disgusting many pictures of Junko in earlier. Pin was discovered by riko my beautiful face Danganronpa another Episode art.... Chiaki had and taunted her for that during Chiaki 's execution children was Junko. Its junko enoshima anime the impossible possible just to watch her work final vote interest in him threatening... Storm with her contacts or naturally red compared to Mukuro 's body him the annoying. The new world program that the two when they were children was when Junko spent many days a! Shortening the skirt ) and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc with Chiaki, discovered Junko 's attire ’ forget...

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